女生版: 新冠疫情下美国大学新生必需装备清单 (What To Bring To College In The Middle Of COVID 19 Pandemic- Girl Version)

Update 8/16/2020





  1. 400 regular facemasks (1 or 2 per day) *watch out for fake products. I buy from Costco
  2. 10 KN95 facemasks (use them when visiting hospital)
  3. 2 face shields
  4. 2 boxes (100 per box) of medical stretch vinyl gloves such as AMMEX brand
  5. 4 12 once bottles of hand sanitizer (1 in carry-on bag, 3 in checking bag) *watch out for bad products banned by FDA
  6. 2 75 sheet disinfecting wipes *watch out fake products
  7. 1 fingertip pulse oximeter blood oxygen saturation monitor such as Zacurate brand
  8. 1 thermometer
  9. 1 can of portable canister of clean oxygen such as Boost Oxygen  
  10. 1 box of Tylenol (Acetaminophen. Don’t use Ibuprofen)
  11. 1 large bag of cough syrup
  12. 1 box of Pepto Bismol chewable
  13. 1 bottle of nasal spray
  14. 1 box of sinus congestion relief (Phenylephrine HCL)
  15. 1 box of allergy medicine such as Zyrtex
  16. hand soap in pump bottle (Buy locally as ongoing supply)


  1. driver’s license and passport (at least two forms of ID, for travel or take on-campus work study jobs)
  2. medical, dental, and / or vision insurance cards or installed insurance company app on cellphone
  3. car insurance card (if the student drives at college)
  4. signed healthcare power of attorney for the state where the college campus is located (to give parents rights to access student’s medical information and make medical decisions on behalf of the student)
  5. student immunization record
  6. I-20 (if international student)


  1. open a bank checking account in student’s name
  2. open a paypal account
  3. open a venmo account
  4. open a student credit card

Clothing and Shoes

  1. 2 pairs of pajamas
  2. a dozen pairs of socks
  3. a dozen pairs of underwear
  4. half dozen everyday bras
  5. half dozen sport bras
  6. half dozen sets of everyday casual clothing
  7. 7 pairs of everyday shorts
  8. 4 pairs of yoga pants of different length
  9. 4 pairs of legging
  10. 4 pairs of short active pants
  11. 5 pairs of jeans of different lengths and styles (short, capri, long, skinny, bootcut, etc)
  12. several sets of outdoor exercise clothing (depending on how active you are) *outdoor sports seem to be safe
  13. 2 swimming suits (if swimmer) *swimming pool seems to be safe
  14. 2 casual swimming suits
  15. 1 set of business casual outfit
  16. 1 or more long dresses (depending on the local     climate)
  17. 1-2 light Jackets
  18. 1 wind and light rain blocking hoodie
  19. 1 heavy jacket
  20. 1 winter coat (if in northern states)
  21. 2 pairs of winter hat/gloves (if in northern states)
  22. 1 or 2 scarfs (depending on the local climate)
  23. 3 belts
  24. 1 robe
  25. 1 shower flip-flops
  26. 2 pairs of different kinds of athletic/comfort shoes ( more if sporty)
  27. 3 pairs of casual everyday shoes
  28. 2 pairs of snow boots (if in northern states)
  29. 2 pair of dress shoes
  30. 2 pair of boots
  31. 1 large purse
  32. 1 handbag

Bed and Bath

  1. 2 sets of 80’’ extra-long twin sheets (top and bottom)
  2. 1 mattress pad
  3. 2 sets of pillow cases
  4. 1 pillow (put inside vacuum bag to save travel space)
  5. 1 single bed quilt
  6. 1 throw blanket
  7. 1 shower caddy
  8. 2 large bath towels
  9. 2 hand towels

Laundry and Cleaning

  1. 1 pop-up collapsible mesh laundry hamper
  2. trash bag, hand soap, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, paper towels, etc. (Buy locally as ongoing supply)


  1. personal shaver (Electric or manual)
  2. small scissors, nail care set, tweezers
  3. comb/brush
  4. hair dryer
  5. eye care products (if applicable)
  6. skin care products (if applicable, especially acne care)
  7. medicine prescription (if applicable. Transfer the prescription to a nearby pharmacy)
  8. favorite outdoor sport equipment (if applicable. College usually provides generic sport equipment)
  9. an old memento, something like a cherished toy or stuffed animal
  10. toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, cotton balls, Q tips, facial tissue, body lotion, face lotion, lip balm, make up set, personal hygiene products, hair care products, sunscreen, bug spray, etc. (Buy local or online as ongoing supply)

Room Furnishings

  1. 1 LED desk lamp
  2. 1 secure hiding device (e.g. small safe in the shape of a book) to hide precious items and jewelry
  3. 1 set of 4 bed raisers (lift bed so large luggage can be stored under the bed. Some dorm beds can adjust height by itself, negating the need to buy bed raisers)
  4. 1 small desktop fan
  5. command hooks
  6. photo prints of family and loved ones
  7. hangers and a small trash can (don’t bring to college. Buy locally or online)
  8. a few banker boxes (Buy locally or online)

Electronics and Accessories

  1. 1 laptop (13 or 15 inches for most majors, 17 inches for Engineering majors)
  2. 1 external webcam with stand (for better zoom meeting quality)
  3. several flash-drives
  4. 1 bluetooth speaker
  5. 2 set of webcam blockers (blocking webcam cameras on laptops so hackers won’t be able to secretly watch/tape you)
  6. 1 one-to-five USB desktop charger
  7. 1 portable cellphone charging power bank
  8. 1 cellphone with a phone plan
  9. 1 over the ear headphones (better if its active noise cancelling)
  10. 2 bluetooth earbuds
  11. power or charging cables for all electronic devices (buy more locally or online if needed)
  12. 1 power strip with 6ft cord (bring one to college. Buy more locally or online if needed)

School Supplies

  1. 1 large sturdy backpack
  2. 1 T-84 or T-89 graphing calculator (if STEM majors)
  3. post-it notes, flags, legal pads, notebooks, non-permanent tape, nails, file folders, batteries, pens, etc. (Buy local or online as ongoing local supply)


  1. 1 mini-refrigerator (if the dorm doesn’t provide one)
  2. 1 large reusable water bottle
  3. 1 travel mug (for coffee or other hot liquids)


  1. 1 carry-on suitcase
  2. 1 large check-in suitcase (2 or 3 if within driving distance to home)
  3. 2 personal sound alarms (pull pin and let out very loud noise. Scaring away bad people or making your presence known in emergency), pepper spray (if not banned by local law)
  4. 1 small umbrella
  5. 1 pair of sunglasses


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